A Little About Me :)

I am a designer for all kinds of projects large and small. The scope of my design projects are primarily focused on new media however I have been working in the printing industry since the dawn of time - or at least before Desktop Publishing took over good ol' cut and pasting. I have the full Adobe Creative Suite and use it at an expert level.

I have also been heavily involved in developing Web Based Training (WBT) the past 8 years. I use Adobe Captivate primarily for developing the eLearning modules and for the LMS portal I use Joomla, php, javascript, and html5.

Portfolio Features

This portfolio is packed with examples of the various projects I have done over the past two decades. My ever evolving career has lead me down many paths. My design projects have included graphic design for corporate identity packages, UI/UX, video and title animation, clothing, automobiles, boats, billboards, banners, flyers, postcards, and package design. I am sure there are some projects I left out but I think you get the idea. I am up for any challenge no matter how unimaginable it may seem.


Responive web design is the new black of internet design. I use many different platforms to achieve results while always focusing on clean, responsive design principles. I am proficient with multiple scripting languages including HTML5, PHP, CSS and Javascript - just to name a few .

Social Media

Social Media has opened the door to so many resources for marketers and business. Who would have ever thought Facebook would end up playing such an important part in today's economy? Leveraging the power of social media is the best ROI you can get hands down.

MultiMedia Extrodinair

Technology truly inspires me. I love exploring new ways to incorporate new media in every project. New techniques and formats intrigue my engineering spirit.