The Powerful Pivot
The Powerful Pivot
Introducing Kathy Kemper: ASCA Counsilman Lecture - Friday Sept. 1st

Coaching is about facilitating movement in others -- movement in terms of physical abilities, of course; but also, movement in character, movement in well-being, and movement in social responsibility. Being a coach means not only the ability to motivate the movement of others but also the ability to move one's self. Whether in the course of a short term event like a swim meet or the longer term quest of qualifying for the Olympics, or the lifelong quest of making a change in the world, inevitably movement comes up against obstacles. Pivoting is the ability to alter course while maintaining a steadfast focus on the desired outcomes. It is the ability to make quick decisions and move on. It is a key to successful coaching.

Kathy Kemper is a passionate lifelong coach. Earlier in her career, she was a college tennis coach, coaching through 10 NCAA seasons and producing an NCAA champion. Now she is known as a "Washington Insider" and has coached politicians through 6 White House administrations. Her clients include US Presidents, celebrities, pro athletes, Supreme Court Justices. Kemper is an op-ed writer and columnist, and has a regular Huffington Post blog. Her work has been featured in The Globalist, The Hill, USA Today, Roll Call, The Washington Examiner, Newsday, and more. At the Counsilman Memorial Lecture, Friday morning at the World Clinic, Kathy brings us "The Powerful Pivot". Great presentation. Full of energy and passion and great ideas. Plan to attend.


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